Monthly Archives: January 2014

Favourite Mixers/Mixes – Dave Pye: Sargasso Trio

I have mastered a goodly number of projects with Dave Pye over the past 4 years or so, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed just about every single one – Dave is not only a first-class engineer, he has the knack of working with fascinating musicians (with many more to come in this series). Early on in […]

Favourite Mixes – Richard Formby/ILT

This song, ‘Mnemosyne’ from the album The Shallows, is the very first track we ever mastered for Producer Richard Formby and for the band I Like Trains – it was a wonderful introduction … We’ve subsequently worked on superb material with both parties (a re-mastering for vinyl of another extended EP for ILT is in our current schedule) and we will […]

Favourite Mixers/Mixes – The Travis Waltons

“Homewrecker” – Mixed by Bugs @ Halfton This is the first in a possibly infinite series featuring personal PBM favourite mixers and their mixes – all mastered here, of course. The Travis Waltons are an extraordinary band: the brain-child of songwriter/singer/guitarist Daniel Flay – him of the unique voice, unique way with guitar parts, and lyrics […]