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I am Eric, the Senior Mastering Engineer at PBM. I have more than a couple of decades in the music business, first as a musician, then as a classical music engineer and producer, and now entirely focussed on mastering. I am also a (very happy) ex-academic. I recently resigned my university tenure, but I continue to publish freelance on academic matters and other non-fiction writing. My academic blog is forthcoming at and my more general blog about the freelance life is already up at

Weiss EQ 1 MkII

Review of Weiss EQ The Weiss EQ 1 Mk II was the very first piece of “quality” outboard that I ever purchased for my business. It was very exciting, and it was very expensive. It seemed like an enormous amount to pay for a single digital stereo EQ, but as it has now been in […]

Coming Soon at the Philosophers Barn Blog

Welcoming Remarks Welcome to the Philosophers Barn Mastering’s Blog. We’ve had a lot of fun getting it started and we hope you get a lot of pleasure from reading it. We intend it to be: A place where we will discuss our daily ways of working at our busy mastering facility. Project notes – what […]