Coming Soon at the Philosophers Barn Blog

Welcoming Remarks

Welcome to the Philosophers Barn Mastering’s Blog. We’ve had a lot of fun getting it started and we hope you get a lot of pleasure from reading it. We intend it to be:

A place where we will discuss our daily ways of working at our busy mastering facility.

  • Project notes – what we did to who and why
  • Equipment notes – reviews of equipment we use (and some we have refused)

A place where we will discuss our ways of working – and their ways of working – with some of the people we have worked with:

  • Musicians
  • Producers
  • Mix engineers
  • Manufacturers

A place where we will discuss some of the broader background of music and audio and technology: psychological, physiological, philosophical and cultural matters.

Reviews, interviews, and the wider-view …

(Dogs will probably be mentioned quite a bit too …)

Forthcoming reviews

Weiss EQ Mk II LP/DYN – is this still the best digital EQ ever made?
Knif SOMA EQ – probably the best analogue EQ in the world
Maselec MLA-3 – a unique kind of analogue compressor


You will not find in these pages any mention of (in a rank of rising risibility): tips, tricks, secrets or secret weapons of the mastering engineer. There are no such things.

The views expressed in most of these posts are those of the curmudgeonly senior mastering engineer and do not necessarily reflect those of the much nicer business managers.

No animals are ever harmed during the production of these blog posts; but four large hounds have had a very happy time indeed.

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